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"Cancer is not a death sentence"

I dedicate this website to all the women who as me have been touched by cancer. The path is not a smooth one, conventional cures are filled with bends and pot holes where one can easily be deceived by and fall in through sheer ignorance driven by fear. But by perseverence, and a big dose of faith in God my maker, through nature's healing methods, one can come out healed and wiser for the journey.

I am one of those women after being diagnosed with breast cancer having gone through chemotherapy, decided chemotherapy wasen't for me and decided to cure the cancer by alternative remedies found in God's Pharmacy in Nature.

On this website, I have included loads of information and links for educational purposes only. The path you choose to free yourself of cancer is yours alone and I admire and respect every women who has gone through whatever treatment they have chosen to fight cancer. Ultimatley the path of healing you choose, is the right one for you.

My aim through this website is to educate you through a gentler alternative option if you so wish.

Connie Vella

Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner
Counsellor (AHHA Accredited)
Founder of 'For Women'

Mob: 0412 349424
Melbourne - Australia








The most important thing in illness
is never to lose heart

Nikolai Lenin

Girl with flowers

Nature is a physical demonstration of our Creator, from where all things come from.
We are entwined with nature, therefore we respond to the biology of nature. 
Our body was created to fight all sorts
of disease naturally,
through the gifts of the Earth
and the Ocean like Sea weed a very potent nature’s remedy to especially fight cancer



How to stay cancer free
" Chris beat Cancer" An informative inspirational website showing cancer
can be beaten naturally.


Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or treatment.
The type of treatment you use it is entirely up to you. If in doubt, consult medical advice.



Cancer Free