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Been used for centuries to treat cancer.

David Wolfe, a natural and raw food expert, believes that Chaga is the most important anti-cancer herb in the world. Used as an anti-tumor remedy, it was approved in Russia as a cancer drug in 1955. successfully treating stomach, lung, breast, stomach and cervix cancers and also melanoma. In 1960 it was reproted to successfully treat cancer in Australia.

The anti-cancer properties of chaga mushroom are said to be derived from the huge load of phytochemicals, polysaccharides and antioxidants that are naturally found within the herb. Many of these substances are thought to impart anti-cancer properties. In addition, it is also a source of betulinic acid, a compound derived from the wood of the birch trees that typically host the mushrooms. Betulinic acid is said to help counter viral infections and fight tumors.

"Chaga represents an exiciting new ear in cancer prevention and management. Research has confirmed Chaga's ability to supercharge the immune system, prevent cancer from forming and keep cancer cells from replicating and migrating. Even better, Chaga is safe, natural and effective something that can not be said for conventional cancer treatments".

Kim Yo, Park HW, Kim Jh, Lee Jy, Moon Sh, Shin CS 2006


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Chaga Mushroom growing on the trunk of a Birch Tree

"It is our right and responsibility
to be proactive and
take charge of our health.
Health is a gift and
Chaga Medicinal mushroom
is a superior example
of how nature is our ally".


I have personally used "Chaga Mushroom"
and have found it to be most beneficial to me in the healing of breast cancer. It was helpful while on Chemotherapy treatments for less side effects. My hair grew much faster than normal after treatments. I am still taking it for prevention. I recommend it to anyone who wish to try it for wellbeing.
Connie Vella - Mt. Martha Vic.

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