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Chemotherapy and Radiation are treatments given to cancer sufferers and according to Oncologists, are imperative treatments to subside Cancer.

This information detailed here is based on my own research. I have included links for you to explore for educational purposes. Ultimately, the choice to choose Chemo/radiotherapy, is left entirely up to the individual whether to go ahead or not.

My hope is to educate you further to what I have learned about cancer. I personally decided to boycot Chemotherapy as it wasent' my path to healing.


Published on 29 Jul 2013
Chris Wark was told he needed Chemotherapy to live. He understood the chemo would kill him. Chris decided to go against his doctors advise. Instead Chris ate a raw food diet while also changing his unhealthy habits. Hear his amazing story of recovery.

About Chemotherapy by Chris Wark.

3 Reasons why I refused Chemo for cancer
by Chris Wark

Tamara St. John
My name is Tamara St. John and I have had CANCER twice and been on my death bed once since 2009. My faith in God, perseverance, and motivation led me to heal my Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation.... I used various alternative methods, proper detoxification, and good nutrition to heal naturally. In January 2013; my book, “Defeat Cancer Now” was published and describes the steps I used to heal my body naturally.
Tamara St.John Amazing survival story












The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients
in the care of the human frame, in diet
and in the causes and prevention of disease

~Thomas Edison~


The cause is within us. The cure is within us. When we know this, our concept of disease is no longer that of something fixed upon the body cells which must be purged, cut or burned away.
It is not something coming in from the outside which we cannot prevent. Rather it is change from within, and we must find the reason why the body changes its perfect pattern to vibrate to discord rather than to harmony

~Rebecca Beard -1951~




Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or treatment.
The type of treatment you use it is entirely up to you. If in doubt, consult medical advice.



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