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I personally recommend these Services for their excellent service and integrity they provide for one's wellbeing. Please feel free to browse.
Connie Vella

Penny Marinelli N.D.
East Bentleigh Vic.

To see Penny for a Consultation call
Penny's Naturopathic & Longevity Centre

Tel: 9579 6128
Mob: 0417 543 158

What is Naturopathic Medicine ?

Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent self-healing process in people that is ordered and intelligent. Naturopathic Physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, and to facilitate and augment this inherent self-healing process.
The Naturopathic physician seeks to indentify and remove the underlying causes of lillness rather than to merely eliminate or supress symptoms.


Dr. Tania Kennelly
B.App.Sc.(Clinical)B Chiro. Sc.
Mornington Vic.

To see Tania Kennelly for a Consultation call
Mornington Family Chiropractic

Tel: 5975 2468


What is the role of a Chiropracter in keeping the body healthy?
Chiropractic works by helping to restore your own inborn ability to be healthy. When under the proper control of your nervous system, all the cells, tissues and organs of your body are designed to resist disease and ill-health. The all important self-regulating, self-healing functions of your body are controlled by the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body. The skull and moving vertebral bones protect the vulnerable communication pathways of the spinal cord and nerve roots. A loss of motion or position of these bones can impair the messages of the nervous system.

A Chiropractor is trained to locate these areas of spinal dysfunction and can help remove the nerve irritation to allow proper function and healing. There are lots of different techniques that Chiropractors use. These techniques are adapted for all ages and conditions, from the newborn to the elderly. Everyone deserves to achieve good health.

Optimize the Healing Power of Your Nervous System –
Your nervous system controls all health and healing in your entire body, including your immune system. When it is stressed, your healing is hampered. Chiropractic physicians are specifically trained to correct this cause of disease. Dr. Ronald Pero, the chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventative Medicine Institute found that people who received regular chiropractic care over a five-year period had a 200% greater immune competence than those who had not received chiropractic care. The chiropractic group also showed a 400% greater immune competence than people with cancer and other serious diseases


Neighborhood House and Community Centre
531Elizabeth Dve Sunbury. 3429
Sandra Maqueda (BSW) Executive Director
Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia
Tel: (03) 9740 3977, Mob: 0411 100 947

The Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation is a registered charity organization based in Sunbury, Victoria, run by a team of committed and dedicated volunteers. It was established as a non-profit organization in 1993, shortly after Sandra Maqueda’s 4 year old son’s remarkable recovery from cancer using natural therapies. Daniel, now 25 years of age is a living testimony to natural therapies, and enjoys a full active life.

As a result of Daniel’s recovery, Sandra who is a qualified Social Worker formed a group following media attention and national publicity. Over the years what started as a small informal group, has rapidly grown into an organization that now offers a wide range of services: Read Sandra & Daniel’s story





The body has the inherent ability -the vitality-
not only to heal itself and restore health,
but also to ward off disease.
Illness is not caused simply by an invasion
of external agents or germs, but is a manifestation of the organism's attempt
to defend and heal itself.
Prevention Is the Best Cure.
Health is a reflection of how we choose to live.

By T.C. Fry

Many people, without knowing it,
have developed cancer and rid themselves of it.
These powers of the body are biologically quite achievable in practical terms, but only by a complete change of focus and belief."

By Seth



An informative and educational website with information of how to beat Cancer the natural way. Dr Veronique Desaulniers's web site and story have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as “Dr. V”, has maintained successful practices in the Wellness Field since 1979.
She graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA, in December 1979. For the next 20 years she practiced in middle GA, attracting patients from all over North America and as far as Europe and Africa. The last 10 years of her practice, she focused on a Women’s Wellness Center.

Because of her passion for health and wellness, Dr. V undertook extensive studies in various fields of “Energy Medicine”. Specializing in Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy, Digital Thermography and Chiropractic, Dr. V brings a unique approach to Health and Wellness.

After 30 years in active practice, she decided to “retire” and devote her time to sharing her personal, non-toxic healing journey with Breast Cancer. Her years of experience and research have culminated as “The 7 Essentials”, a step by step coaching program for healing and preventing Breast Cancer Naturally. When you work with Dr. V, she saves you time, effort and money and helps you achieve the vibrant health you are searching for.
Her web site and story have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe.





Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or treatment.
The type of treatment you use it is entirely up to you. If in doubt, consult medical advice.



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