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Food Alchemy

Informative website for great raw food ideas so easy to follow.

FOOD as MEDICINE to heal the body is Vanessa's passion.
Visit her website for Raw food recepies specialities.

Vanessa cooking

Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, Grad. Dip Applied Psychology, has a raw food and wholefood cooking pedigree that is steeped in family tradition. Born to a Sicilian father and Maltese mother Vanessa’s love for organic, wholesome food bursting with natures flavours and goodness comes from generations of passionate, authentic ethnic cooking experience combining her Nonno’s natural herb medicine wisdom and her Nonna’s and Nana’s celebrated skills in the kitchen.

Vanessa has coupled this generational wisdom and experience gifted to her by her forebears with the learning's gained over years assisting perhaps Perth’s best known wholefood chef, Jude Blereau.

Vanessa’s love for natural raw food, emanates from her deep connection to the earth and her passion for returning our bodies to their natural healthy state through organic nutrition and her generosity of spirit.

Food Alchemy



The advantage in juicing raw vegetables is that of when the juice is separated from the fiber, the great majoiryt of nutrients stay in the juice, because the fiber has been removed, these fresh living nutrients in the juice can get into the blood stream and to the cellular level in minutes without the time-consuming and energy depleting process of digestion.

For maximum nutrition - Juice fresh vegetables (organic preferable)
and eat fresh fruits.


How to start Raw food Diet by Kristina


What to expect when going fully raw by Kristina


Recepies from "Fully Raw Kristina"
a great page with various fruit & vegetable juices and food

to stay healthy



4 Prunes
(soaked the night before in half a cup of 3 Green tea bags along
wth 5 raw almonds

1 Dark redskinned grated fresh apples
Juice of 3 lemons (this absorbes the iron in the prunes)
3 tablespoons of Linseed-meal
2 tablespoons of Oatbran
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
1 small tub of plain yogurt

Add honey or pure Maplesyrup to your liking

This has to be eaten at one go to be of benefit.
Prune is iron
Lemons Vitamin C
Linseed-meal is Vitamin E,
Oatbran scoures the venes of plaque and cholestrol

This helps the liver get rid of toxin in the body,
it repairs livercells giving it longer life.











“The food you eat
can either be the safest
and most powerful form of medicine
or the slowest form of poison”

Anne Wigmore




"Natural forces within us
are the true healers of disease. "



"God created the human body  
from the dust of the ground,
made up of living natural elements
from the earth, 
thus the body requires
living natural food from the earth
to renew its cells and sustain health". 

From: “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”
by Dr. George H. Malkumus &  Michael Dye






Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or treatment.
The type of treatment you use it is entirely up to you. If in doubt, consult medical advice.



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